Artificial Intelligence – Is it healthy technology for human’s routine work?

Speaking about Artificial Intelligence is like eating a piece of stone. Technologies which are currently using by people are just a technology. Current normal technologies cannot work independently. For example, let’s talk about Cloud technology. Normal people are wondering about cloud technology nowadays. To describe it we can just say that this technology gives a machine which gives storage or process like entities from remotely.

All you need is an internet connection and a device to monitor and give inputs. No more big CPU, cooler pad (for your pretty laptop), etc are needed. So technology like this cannot be limited and at most cases, these are necessary for a human. But in the case of AI (Artificial Intelligence), we have to think before we are reaching the limit. Why this so? Let me share my thoughts.

Some of our current routine works are already using AI. To prove this let me say an example, nowadays almost all the people are using a mobile phone and in that list, almost all people are using the internet since these are all smartphones. The famous owns an application called Siri and the famous owns an Android’s ‘ok, Google’. Hope You all know about both of these, even though let me say about this in detail. Siri takes your order from you in the form of your voice. If you want to send a message to somebody, all you need to do is to talk. It will recognize your speech and parse it into a string (text) and it will do whatever it supposed to do. Almost google is doing the same in ok, google.

So nothing is a problem in this right? But still, more of its uses are there. Suppose you are telling a phrase like “ok, google do I need an umbrella tomorrow?” then it will give you the weather forecast. This means what? It just started thinking about what you are telling and what it supposed to response for that. To understand it clearly let me give another explanation.

To understand artificial thinking we need to know about what is thinking first. When you are a kid we know a few words and we used to frame that either for understanding or making conversation. In order to do that, we have done decisions in our brain, but we do not think about it. Suppose a guy asked a kid to take chocolate, kid’s brain will make decisions like this.

Guy: Take a chocolate kid.


How thinking works
How thinking works

Even a kid’s small decision has a big technical flow behind it. So this way the thinking was done. So simulating this thinking will become easier when we look into this. Then people looked over it and started re-engineering. Results, artificial thinking came.

The programmers started to code the machine to think, technically they taught machines to take decisions according to the situation. Some of the basic applications are this siri and ok, google are developed based on these concepts.

So where we are going wrong?

Human errors, We all make errors, the common man makes an error in maintaining his financial matter and he seeks bank to do his job, Because of too much of work, bank people make an error so they seek software to do their jobs. Software developers develop their software but he too makes an error, and to solve his error software testers do testing their jobs. So will it solve? No, these habit of making errors becomes most common in human. No one can do his job 100% perfect. So people cannot teach machines to think by itself 100%. The rules to make machines decision may have holes, Bugs. One cannot assure that he can build software or any development without a bug.

Everything has a tolerance, even bug in AI programming is not an exception. Small scale AI applications like Siri and Ok. Google, are not going to harm our daily life if it has some bugs. But complete AI application or machine can do harm our life.

In future people may build a machine which can think totally like a human. Even like a team leader of a couple of working people, Head of doctors, managers of the bank. To explain it even deeper, we can say that it will take all the decisions and order people. if this kind of machines are there in law and order department and it can be able to order people by its own decision what will happen when that AI programming has a bug in that?

Even in worst cases, think about AI machine in the place of a pharmacist. The pharmacist will do preparing medicine with his knowledge and his experience, And AI machine which learned to do his work while it has a programming bug or any logical bug in that, What kind of medicine it can produce?

Few Hollywood movies used to illustrate about the AI all the time. For example “I Robot”, in that movie an N number of robots can be controlled by the main computer called “Viki” which can artificially think. Since it can think like a human. It will have the same characteristic of human called “possessiveness”. So it controls all the robots against a human. Movies can be dramatic and unrealistic, but the core message of few movies are in “have to keep it in mind” criteria. But in that same movie, an exceptional robot called “Sunny” cannot be controlled by the “Viki” can be able to simulate anger even sometimes humor. And my favorite quote from the movie.

“Detective Del Spooner: Human beings have dreams. Even dogs have dreams, but not you, you are just a machine. An imitation of life. Can a robot write a symphony? Can a robot turn a… canvas into a beautiful masterpiece?

Sonny: Can *you*?”

This can say all about AI and artificial thinking and where these will take us. We may think that this is well good and healthy but nature has a lot of hidden science concepts and theories. And we all know only a little bit of science. Not even Albert Einstein learned about science completely. So creating any new or thing which can be able to create by its own may take us to the apocalypse.

“Man should always create or repair a machine either directly or indirectly, Not a machine my itself”

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