what is proxy server

What is Proxy Server? and How do Proxy Servers work?

What is Proxy Server?

A Proxy Server is like a Gateway Between the Internet and your computer. If you are using a proxy server configured in your computer, the traffic from your computer will first go to the proxy server and then the respective destination. Similarly, if your response from the web browser will flow through the same proxy server. In this article, we will discuss What is Proxy Server? How do Proxy Servers work?

How Do Proxy Server Work?

Proxy Server Basic

Before understanding the Proxy server, let see how the normal web request is happening in your computer.

Client Server Request
Client Server Request

As shown in the image above, When you send any request from your computer browser, First It will go to your Server as your requested. Then, the server will send you the response back to the computer as simple as that. Say your computer’s IP address is and you are connecting to the webserver which is addressed as and requesting some content. Then, the Web server will know your IP and send your Requested package as a response directly to your computer.

Now let see how Proxy Server works.

Client Server Request Via Proxy Server
Client Server Request Via Proxy Server

When you configured the proxy server in your computer, all the requests to the webserver will not directly reach the webserver. But will reach the Proxy server first. Then the proxy server will send your request to a webserver on your behalf.

Say your computer is addressed as and it is configured the proxy server address as when you make a request, your request will pass to the proxy server and the proxy server will forward your request to the webserver which is addressed as The Web server also will send the response to the Proxy server not to your computer directly as Webserver will know only your proxy address as the requester.

Need for a Proxy Server

Now we have understood the basic functionality of the Proxy Server. Now, let us see how to make use of this proxy server. Assume your computer is using your School, College, or Corporate Internet where they want to restrict users to request certain websites. It is difficult to monitor and restrict users from accessing certain websites from their own computers.

But If you configure the Proxy Server, you can block certain websites by their domain name or IP address from the Proxy server. Hence the connections are passing through the proxy server, it will filter the requests coming from the End-user to the Web server as shown in the image.

Content Filtering in Proxy Server
Content Filtering in Proxy Server

In the above image, you have configured the proxy server on your computer. In the Proxy server, we have configured the Domains like, facebook.com, Instagram.com, and twitter.com are blocked. So, when you try to access these websites, your request will first go to the Proxy server. Then, the proxy server will block these requests and through an error to User.

Likewise, let’s see some important reasons to use proxy server on your enterprise.

  • Access Control – The Proxy server may have a username Password combination so that the proxy will know who is trying to reach which website and whether he has enough permissions to access it or not. Kind of Role-based access.
  • Anonymous Access – In some cases, the users under a certain network should not be exposed to the public that they are requesting the content. So, the proxy server will help us to hide the User information and send information on behalf of them.
  • Balancing Traffic – Traffic balancing means, when multiple requests are coming from various users to the same web server, the web server may not be able to manage the traffic. In this case, the proxy server will help us to balance the traffic by restricting come requests.
  • Monitoring and Filtering – Most Importantly, Proxy servers will help us to monitor the traffic activities of the Users and Filter the contents and requests as we discussed in the above example.


In this article, we have discussed What is proxy Server and How do Proxy Servers work. Along with it, we have discussed How to make use of a Proxy server. Along with this some reasons to use proxy servers on your enterprise. In our upcoming article, we will discuss how to Install configure The Proxy server. An then we will discuss How to set a proxy server in your computer to make use of it. Stay tuned and subscribe DigitalVarys for more articles and study materials on DevOpsAgileDevSecOps, and App Development.

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