Planning and Development

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Planning and Development Archives covers topics on Planning and Development Phase. Which is One of the Important phase of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) which talks about Implementation framework of Planning and Development part of SDLC along with DevOps with Strategies, Trends, and Technologies. Especially, Planning and Development Archives of DigitalVarys talks about Tutorials, Guides, and How To’s on Planning and Development Technologies and Trends.

Create Docker Windows Containers

Create Docker Windows Containers from Docker Desktop

Docker containers become unavoidable for infrastructure development as it provides, Isolation, Simplicity, Rapid Continuous Deployment, and Faster Configuration with Security. Earlier, Docker has only used for Linux based applications as it is using the Linux kernel baseline for creating Containers. But Windows applications are widely used in Software development and Hence, windows developers need Docker […]

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Introduction to Version Control Systems

When we have multiple contributors to software development, we need a version control system for managing the contributions of developers, organize the component of the system and manage workflow for delivering the software. But choosing the right version control system is really difficult as we have many version control system in the market. So, Today

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