Introduction to Version Control Systems

When we have multiple contributors to software development, we need a version control system for managing the contributions of developers, organize the component of the system and manage workflow for delivering the software. But choosing the right version control system is really difficult as we have many version control system in the market. So, Today we will discuss Version Control Systems and its various types and features.

Before starting, we will see ” what is Version Control System?”.

What is Version Control System?

Version Control System allows developers to manage the code. It will enable the developers to work separately on their tasks using branches and collaborate it to contribute their changes in the code base of the project.

So by using the Version Control System, We have following Advantages.

  • Collaboration – Version control system allows developers to collaborate their work once after doing their work freely on their own.
  • Version Management – Version Control System manages the version of the code all the time. Right from small commitments of the developer to merging all together, Version control system stores the versions of the changes.
  • Restoring the Version – It is normal that sometimes code gets messy because of some wrong code commitments. But Version Control System allows us to restore the right version.
  • Understanding of project – Everyone in the project will know what is happening in the project as the Version Control System allows developers to write their description of their contribution.
  • Governance and Security – Version Control System enables role-based access and security layer for developers so that unauthorized person cannot get the copy of the code
  • Integrity – This is the emerging software world, Everywhere we need automation to deliver software quickly. Version Control System can be integrated with other DevOps tools like CICD tool, Configuration management, and other ALM tools.
  • Back Up – And yes, Version Control System can be storage and backup place for the Code Base of the project.

Types of Version Control System

Basically, we have two different Version Control Systems. (Most Using)

  1. Centralized Version Control System
  2. Distributed Version Control System

Centralized Version Control System

The centralized Version Control System will have the master copy of the Codebase the Server Repository. And, The developers can get the clone copy of the repository. Developers will change the code and directly they will commit into the Server Repository

Centralized Version Control System

Distributed Version Control System

The Distributed Version Control System will have the master copy of the Code Base in Server Repository and Developer can get a copy of the repository to maintain in his PC or the workstation. For every small change, Developer can commit the code to the local repository and once the job is done, Developer can push the code to Server Repository.

Distributed Version Control System

Popular Version Control System Tools.

Some Popular Version Control Systems are,

GIT: GIT is the Distributed Version Control System and it is released under GPL’s open source license so that it is available freely over the internet. And, For more information, Visit the Official website

SVN: Apache Subversion which is often abbreviated as SVN, is a software versioning and revision control system distributed under an open source license. It is also available freely over the internet. And, For more information, Visit the official website

Mercurial: Mercurial is another Distributed version control system which is licensed under GNU and it is open source and can be downloaded freely over the internet. And, For more information, Visit the official website ttps://

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In this Article, We have seen some basic concepts of Version Control System and types of Version Contol System and Various Popular Version Control System Tools. We will see more about how to use Version Control System wisely in other Whisper of Digital Varys. And, Stay Tuned and Subscribe DigitalVarys for more interesting articles on DevOps, DevSecOps, Agile, and Application Development.

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